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Old 01-05-2007, 05:10 AM
fernando.ramirez fernando.ramirez is offline
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Default Re: Let us know how you're using Mirth!

We are HORUS (www.horus.es). HORUS is a spanish hardware and software enterprise to automate process. We develop software from laboratory and blood bank.
We are testing mirth to connect our applications with hospital informatic systems.
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Old 01-08-2007, 10:00 AM
nshaik nshaik is offline
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Default Re: Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Mirth HL7 - Mirth 1.3.1, Java 1.5 Update 9, Windows XP Professional
Channel - File Reader to Database (SQL Server 2000 SP3) using workaround to call stored procedure from Mirth
HL7 Host - GE Centricity Practice Manager 2003 (Millbrook)

Processing more than 11,000/day

We went live last week with Mirth HL7 1.3.1 and Mirth is successfully processing more than 11,000 messages/day.

Mirth has helped us phase-out our in-house developed HL7 module and help focus on our EMR product development. This is something we wanted to do for a long time. We did try evaluating a commercial HL7 tool before Mirth, but that did not go well. Thanks to Mirth for helping us out!

Our immediate next step is to send an outbound ORU message for transcriptions of clinical information. We also plan to add processing A46 and A47 messages types for merging patient records. Our future plans include sending MFN M02 as outbound messages for processing referring physicians.

We plan to keep upgrading to the latest version of Mirth once every quarter.

I would like to thank the Mirth team for all the hard work and coming up with such an excellent open source product. I'm sure the Healthcare community worldwide would benefit a lot from Mirth. I also would like to thank the Mirth community for the active forum. Mirth message board is one of the best and thanks to all for the feedback.

I look forward to continue to contribute to the Mirth community.

Thank you
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Old 01-17-2007, 07:14 AM
colmeda8064 colmeda8064 is offline
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Default Re: Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Hello Chris:

Advance Development Group is evaluating Mirth as the integration solution for our product FusionForm. FusionForm uses digital pen and paper technology to capture information written by a user. As we move in to hospital complex integration environments FusionForm needs to able to send and receive patient information. We have read the Mirth 1.3.2 User Guide and also compared Mirth to other engines (NIST, Iguana, etc.) in the same category and found Mirth to be the most intuitive and user friendly (you can tell I am old school IT). We have been in the integration business for quite a while using commercial interface engines and for the price of Mirth $0.00 you can't find a better solution.

There are several questions we have regarding the formatting and mapping of XML to HL7/ER7 and vice versa, but we will communicate those as we have a more intelligent understanding of the Mirth process.

One thing I have to express. As a vendor Mirth could keep our product price at the same level, as Mirth would be offered as a free integration module. It would be encouraging for other vendors needing an integration solution to their offerings to look at Mirth.

Thank you so much,

Charlie Olmeda
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Old 04-20-2007, 08:33 AM
oakwood oakwood is offline
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Default Re: Let us know how you're using Mirth!


We are a small Mental Health Hospital in Florida and have just started using Mirth to monitor and grab HL7 documents we receive and put the data into 4 sql tables. This enables me to use our EMR front end to show nurses/doctors results in crystal reports in a nice pretty format. Mirth has been great so far and the support we have received via the forum has been very helpful.

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Old 05-11-2007, 05:56 AM
ERNesbitt ERNesbitt is offline
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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!

We are a mid-size hospital near the north coast of Ohio. Right now I am evaluating Mirth to see if we can centralize our interfaces onto one server. We currently have connections to and from: Lab equipment, HIM software, Clinical/Financial system, Surgery Scheduler, RIS/PACS, Credentialing software, and Transcription software. It would be nice to have one machine running all of the interfaces instead of every server talking to every other server.

Our hospital is also in a group of five small, area hospitals. If the software works well, then we could even use it to communicate data between our hospitals.
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Old 06-12-2007, 09:09 AM
chfalk chfalk is offline
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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!


I see a great opportunity to use Mirth to simplify the communication between our inhouse developed Clinical Information System and not yet integrated or already integrated systems at the University Hospital of Zuerich, Switzerland.
Currently I'm setting up several test scenarios to evaluate useability and stability of Mirth, using Mirth 1.5 on Java 1.5 Update 11, Windows 2003 Server and Oracle 10gR2.

Compliments for your great work
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Old 08-21-2007, 11:46 PM
smastrogiacomo smastrogiacomo is offline
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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Hi Chris,

I'm Stefano from Italy.
I work for a LIS provider company.

We're going in production with Mirth 1.5 to send back label information (for blood sample) coming from an Order Entry provider

The O.E. puts request via Oracle storedproc then label info are sent back immediately to their WS.

It's quite simple Channel with File Reader and Soap Sender.
The xml label information are build inside our own product.

Next step should be let Mirth read and build xml info and send it.

For now it should serve something like 1000-2000 msg/day .

RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3.0 x86_64bit
Stefano Mastrogiacomo
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Old 12-07-2007, 08:05 AM
caultonpos caultonpos is offline
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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Mirth will provide all of the system integration to PatientOS, an open source EMR and healthcare information system. Initially basic HL7 interfaces but in the future there is a possibility I will use it as the web service front end.

Thanks for what in my view is the best healthcare open source product today.


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Old 12-13-2007, 12:25 PM
sjackson@nexxrad.com sjackson@nexxrad.com is offline
What's HL7?
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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!

I am using Mirth to populate a legacy RIS type system that we use with demographic data from our PACS. I have been running it in a Virtual Machine for about a month. It has worked flawlessly so far.

The only snag I ran into was with trying to use a stored procedure from Mirth, I got around this with triggers.

Now I am working on a High Availability solution, since I expect to implement HL7 for many of our clients in the coming year. I have two servers running on heartbeat in my test environment. I am having problems with moving the config. I have not figured out where it is. The file I thought was it was not correct. I would like to use rsync to maintain the configurations. I don't want to resort to drdb, but may go that route.

BTW, I am currently processing about 700-1000 messages per day on my virtual machine.

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Old 12-26-2007, 08:01 AM
sween sween is offline
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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Just going to drop a note here on how we use Mirth on how we use Mirth to do PDF Kung fu....

I wrote it up and screencasted it, hope it may help somebody somewhere...

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