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Old 03-13-2014, 10:56 AM
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Default Dynamic OBX to NTE Transformation

What I have been attempting to do without luck is the following:

- Change all (but one) OBX segments into an NTE. (OBX.5 goes to NTE.3)
- For each unique OBX.3 field, create one incremented OBX segment.
- Start the NTE numbering at 1 under each remaining OBX segment.
- Strip out the Exam Code/Description duplication & Gender/Timestamp dups.

Because the number of OBX segments vary with the length of each report message, I cannot simple do an OBX to NTE conversion across ALL segments like I would typically do. I have also not found a way to use keywords in the ORU message to trigger upon .... such as keeping the OBX segment BEFORE the "Clinical History:" AND "Impression:" lines in the report. Further complicating things are to increment the OBX segments that remain after each of these keywords (the keywords will be on different OBX lines in the report, depending on how long the report is.

Original Message:

ORC|RE||||||20131119135344^20131119135344^20131119 135516
OBR|1|000011|000011|XR001^XR Chest|||20131119135344|||||||||2424^DOCTOR^TEST^M. D.||000011|CR|^XR Chest|CR^XRAY1|20131119135516|||F||^^^201311191300 00|||||GGG^READER^TEST^M^^^MD|||
OBX|1|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Clinical History: pre operative left knee surgery||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|2|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|3|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Comparison: 21 2013.||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|4|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|5|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Technique: 2 views ||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|6|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|7|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Findings:||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|8|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|9|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Lungs: The lungs are normal without infiltrate or edema.||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|10|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Heart: The cardiac configuration is enlarged.||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|11|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Mediastinum: There is no suspicious hilar or mediastinal adenopathy.||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|12|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Pleura: There are no pleural effusions.||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|13|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Bones and soft tissues: Normal||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|14|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||Other: None||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|15|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|16|FT|XR001&IMP^XR Chest||Impression:||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|17|FT|XR001&IMP^XR Chest||1. CARDIOMEGALY WITHOUT ACUTE PROCESS.||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|18|FT|XR001&IMP^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
OBX|19|FT|XR001&IMP^XR Chest||Report Electronically Signed By: Test Reader M.D. - 11/19/2013 1:55 PM||||||F|||20131119135516||

Transformed Message Required:

ORC|RE||||||20131119135344^20131119135344^20131119 135516
OBR|1|000011|000011|XR001^XR Chest|||20131119135344|||||||||2424^DOCTOR^TEST^M. D.||HVI000000|CR|^XR Chest|CR^XRAY1|20131119135516|||F||^^^201311191300 00|||||GGG^Reader^Test^M^^^MD|||
OBX|1|FT|XR001&BODY^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
NTE|1|FT|Clinical History: pre operative left knee surgery|
NTE|3|FT|Comparison: 21 2013.|
NTE|5|FT|Technique: 2 views |
NTE|9|FT|Lungs: The lungs are normal without infiltrate or edema.|
NTE|10|FT|Heart: The cardiac configuration is enlarged.|
NTE|11|FT|Mediastinum: There is no suspicious hilar or mediastinal adenopathy.|
NTE|12|FT|Pleura: There are no pleural effusions.|
NTE|13|FT|Bones and soft tissues: Normal|
NTE|14|FT|Other: None|
OBX|2|FT|XR001&IMP^XR Chest||||||||F|||20131119135516||
NTE|4|FT|Report Electronically Signed By: Test Reader M.D. - 11/19/2013 1:55 PM|
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