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Old 12-17-2018, 06:15 AM
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Default Channel Manager issues

Hello my dears!

I'm a mirth rookie, less than 10 days working with, and still trying to get something done before my image starts to ruin here on the company. I'm not getting it right and there's no one here who could help me, as the former MC especialist quit the job before they could even hire someone else.

I'm using mirth 3.2.2, and I can't update it's version on the client.

I'm trying to make my "Channel Inspector" call the "CanBePrinted" channel, and make it answer to the Inspector in any case.

If errored, timeouted, or still queued, I wish to restart the second channel, if it's ok, then I wish to proceed to the next document on the "CanBePrinted" channel. Maybe my aproach it's completely off-tracks.

I'm still making baby-steps progress, could someone give some enlightment?
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Old 12-20-2018, 11:36 AM
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What's HL7?
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continuing on the issue, I'm almost at the end, but I'm having some problems with the XML output.
I'm still using MC 3.2.2, and I'm receiving a XML in the same destination response, I should look at the error code inside it and proceed.

//receiving the response on wsChannelResponse to work from it
var wsChannelResponse = new XML(response.getMessage());

	//var wsChannelResponse = new XML(wsResponse.getMessage());
	logger.debug("Response SENT:" + wsChannelResponse);
	var c6 = wsChannelResponse.toString();
	var c5 = wsChannelResponse.*::['Body'];
	var c4 = wsChannelResponse.*::['Body'].*::['acceptMessageResponse'];
	var c3 = wsChannelResponse.*::['Body'].*::['acceptMessageResponse'].*::['return'];	
	var c2 = wsChannelResponse.*::['Body'].*::['acceptMessageResponse'].*::['return'].*::['LaudoPSA'];		
	var c1 = wsChannelResponse.*::['Body'].*::['acceptMessageResponse'].*::['return'].*::['LaudoPSA'].*::['CodigoDeErro'];

at the levels reserved for c2 and c1 the 'LaudoPSA' tag and 'CodigoDeErro', got lost and do not have any value, and I can't find why... but I think it's related to the SOAP format.
Channels attached, Webservice (dummy one), GetChannelStatus its the caller and manager.

Thank you guys!
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Old 12-20-2018, 08:48 PM
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I have not imported your channels but can give you some pointers.

a) Channel A can talk to channel B using a channel Writer destination(D1), and channel B can respond based on the options in the source settings under the respond from tab.
b) You can capture this response coming from channel B in the response transformer of D1, and act on it.
c) Without active monitoring it is impossible to detect whether channel B is down or not. So the preventive mechanism is to enable queuing in channel 1, which means in case delivery has failed, queue this message for a later delivery or retry after certain number of times on failure.
d) You do not need to do this -
var wsChannelResponse = new XML(response.getMessage());

Infact, the incoming response is also msg. Since this is XML message, striping off the namespace would help you, the default option is do not strip namespace.

would change to
msg.*::['Body'], keep in mind that it is case sensitive so Body and body are different.

Hope it helps.
HL7v2.7 Certified Control Specialist!
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