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Old 10-13-2011, 08:01 PM
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Default HL7 V3 Outbound Message Template - need one

I know this is one of those dumb questions as I am a newbie to Mirth and HL7 but I couldn't find an answer by a search of the forums.

I have my own XML format for our product and dropped that into an Inbound Message Template in a channel and it builds my XML tree fine that I can select nodes from.

I want my output from the channel to be HL7 V3 so I chose that in the Outbound Message Template pane.

What I thought would happen is that Mirth would autopopulate that template with all the HL7 V3 tags available from the HL7 V3 spec and I would just map my XML nodes to nodes in there.

But it appears I need to load in a file that has all the HL7 tags in it. If that is true, can someone point me to where to get that file?

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