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Old 09-14-2006, 01:19 PM
aguayoisrael aguayoisrael is offline
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Default MSH-9 Component missing


I have been using mirth and so far so good, but I am getting an exception when MSH-9^2 is missing (This is a required HL7 field-Message Type).
I know this is a hapi issue, but I was wondering if somebody has some work around.

The message that fails is above:

PID|1||1111111|JON^DOE^M^^^||19990717|F|^^^^^|BL|1 |||(999)999-9999||S|CHR|12345|111-11-1111
PV1|1|O|D.PEDC^^|EL||||||||||||||POV||03|||||||||| |||||||||COCTU||REG|||200508251300
OBR|1|L4175051^LAB|^LAB||R||200508251503|||NCBL||| OFFICE VISIT|200508251648||YOSIH||0825:TU:U00088R||||2005 08251731|||F
OBX|1|ST|UTYPE^SPECIMEN TYPE^L|1|RANDOM|||N||AS|F|200506271318|^^^^

The error message I get from mirth is the folowing
ca.uhn.hl7v2.HL7Exception: Can't determine message structure from MSH-9: ORU HINT: there are only 1 of 3 components present

Thanks you.
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Old 09-14-2006, 03:47 PM
chrisl chrisl is offline
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Default Re: MSH-9 Component missing

Unfortunantly there is no way around this in version 1.1, however 1.2 will include the ability to "pre-process" a message before it is parsed by HAPI.

Check here: http://www.mirthproject.org/communit...rowse/MIRTH-32 for progress.
Chris Lang
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Old 09-15-2006, 12:40 PM
aguayoisrael aguayoisrael is offline
What's HL7?
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Default Re: MSH-9 Component missing

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