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Old 12-17-2019, 10:23 PM
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Default HTTP Sender - Send file


I have to send data and a file from an HTTP post.
I use MirthConnect version 3.8.1.

In my connector 'HTTP Sender', how can I prepare the 'Content' with my data and my file?

I have a look in threads, but no post could really help me...

Thanks you for your help

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Old 02-04-2020, 06:03 AM
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HTTP SENDER -> in the Destination Transformer:

var contents = FileUtil.readBytes('C:\\yourpath\\' + $('FILELINK')); //here I take the Filename from the source mapping
var contents64 = FileUtil.encode(contents);

logger.debug("SIZE OF FILE: " + $('FILELINK') + " = " + contents.length);

var mapping;

try {
	mapping = contents64; 
} catch (e) {
	mapping = '';

channelMap.put('FileBase64', validate( mapping , '', new Array()));
your URL, for example:

http://yourserver:yourport/yourlink.web.api/yourmethodstring?yourparameter=yourparametervalue& parameter.item.name=${FILELINK}&parameter.flags=.. . (you get this from the documentation or swagger)

fill your headers correct (Athentification/Accept) depends on the webservicedocumentation and preferences)

Method POST

Data Type: Binary

Content: ${FileBase64}

think about customized response handling, if you need advanced error handling
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