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Old 11-04-2019, 01:40 PM
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Default Multiple MLLP Senders Mirth to Mirth

I'm in the middle of migrating a Mirth 2.2 instance to a Mirth 3.8 instance because it's been long overdue. My last connection that needs to be switched over is a feed from our phillps montor broker (ORU vital signs). Considering we get 1-12 messages per second per monitor in the hospital, I am looking at a throughput of 50-100 messages per second. Not a problem in our mirth 2.2 instance (we have an inbound MLLP feed, a 'buffer' channel to utilize mirth's internal message queue, and a high-speed javasript database (Oracle Exadata) destination channel). As we file the vitals recorded time, synchronization is not an issue.

In parallel to the migration project, we're adding a secondary destination for vitals (in 3.8) that will transform the HL7 message into a mutant json file (a stripped version of the FHIR patient/observation transformers) for filing into our postgres11/timescaleDB instance.

My bottleneck as of now is in my volume testing. I can split that buffer channel feed to keep our prod instance to oracle happy while using a second destination on the "buffer" channel to write to another channel for passing the HL7 message from Mirth 2.2 to Mirth 3.8. However, I'm stuck at about 10 messages/sec on the TCP/MLLP connection and can not figure out what setting would open that up.

In my earlier testing, I would cram 7-10 MLLP connections outbound from Mirth 2.2 to the same listener on Mirth 3.8 with hardly a message queued (they all processed so fast). However, 7 MLLP/TCP destinations on a 2.2 channel just means 7 copies of the same message spawning and being sent across.

Has anyone found a way to utilize multiple destinations in a way that can work off of the same source (queue) so that messages are not duplicated across the destinations? Or is it worth just going to my Vendor to setup a new feed and accept that messages will flow fine?

Or am I just setting things up wrong where I should see more than 10 messages/sec on a MLLP/TCP connection?

Specs below
Channel definition:
mirth 2.2 to Mirth 3.8 = unsynchronzed, LLP sender, Keep Connection open, ACK timeout: 15000ms, Using Persistent queues
mirth 3.8 listener = message storage RAW, source queue ON, queue bufer 10000, response: Auto-Generate, max processing threads: 20, max Connections: 10,keep connection open
Mirth 2.2 Windows 2008 R2 2core 8gb java 8
Mirth 3.8 RHEL 7.6 4core 16gb OpenJDK13
Mirth 3.8 CentOS 7 4core 16gb OpenJDK13
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