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Old 10-29-2019, 07:19 AM
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Unhappy Mirth Connect Administrator Dialog box file in Inport/Export long wait!

When I'm in "Channels" and I click on "Import Channel" or "Export Channel" the dialog takes a long time and it seems that this time gets longer every time I do this operation.
We are talking about ten seconds the first time, up to two or three minutes later.
I close and reopen Mirth Connect Administrator and history repeats itself.
I have verified that on desktop and on "My computer" I don't have icons that point to invalid addresses, there are only links to local resources or to network folders, but for which I have all the credentials working.
I tried to uninstall Mirth, cleaning up the temporary and affected folders, but it comes back.
It is as if before viewing the file dialog box you check the consistency.
I also noticed that if I click on a folder with no files present, it gives us the same time.
I just can't understand what it could be!
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