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Old 10-23-2019, 03:09 PM
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Default Mirth Test Appliance error V3.8

Mirth Appliance V3.8.0 in TEST
Mirth Connect V3.1.1.7461 in PROD

I have a query into the SQL Server DB on one of the channels but I am getting an error on the query.

The same query in PROD works fine but the TEST one is giving an error.

I did a manual query on the SQL Server query window and it is returning a value.

This is the error I am getting :

FT1-7 = 40101057 in this case


320: var chargeCode;

321: var incomingCode;

322: for each (ft1 in msg.FT1) {

323: incomingCode = ft1['FT1.7']['FT1.7.1'].toString();

324: logger.info("incomingCode = "+incomingCode);

325: chargeCode = $g('srxToPar')[incomingCode];

326: logger.info("chargeCode = "+chargeCode);


328: ft1['FT1.7']['FT1.7.1'] = typeof chargeCode == 'undefined' ? incomingCode : chargeCode;

329: }


DETAILS: TypeError: Cannot read property "40101057" from null

This is in our Global Script.

var dbConn = function_GetDbConnectionInterfaces;

result = dbConn.executeCachedQuery('SELECT Description, RTRIM(LTRIM(Code_CC)), RTRIM(LTRIM(Code_SCM)) FROM CDM_MAP');

var parToSrx = new Array();

var srxToPar = new Array();

while (result.next()) {

var desc = result.getString(1);

var parCode = result.getString(2);

var srxCode = result.getString(3);

parToSrx[parCode] = srxCode;

srxToPar[srxCode] = parCode;



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Old 10-24-2019, 04:56 AM
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Check your Code_SCM in the database. Somewhere there at least one that is null.
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dbconn, global script, sql error, sql query

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