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Old 01-23-2020, 08:12 AM
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Default Windows authenticated web service

We have a ReST service, running IIS on a windows server. It requires windows authentication.

We have a Mirth server, with an http sender destination attempting calling the service. The destination can not authenticate to the service. It only seems to offer basic and digest not Kerberos or NTLM, which the service is expecting.

We changed to a javascript destination, and used the following code, which is capable of calling the service. Nothing in the code appears to explicitly specify to use NTML or Kerberos, so I don't actually know how this works. Any light shed on that would be great. My big question is, is it possible to get an http sender to use NTML or kerberos authentication, because in my view an http sender is much cleaner than using a javascript sender.

var data=connectorMessage.getTransformedData();
var url = new java.net.URL(URLstring);

var conn = url.openConnection();

conn.setRequestProperty('Content-Type', 'text/plain');

var outStream = conn.getOutputStream();
var outWriter = new java.io.OutputStreamWriter(outStream);

//Capture Response
var respCode = conn.getResponseCode();
channelMap.put('respCode', respCode);
var responseMessage = conn.getResponseMessage();
if(respCode < 200 || respCode > 299) {
throw new java.lang.Exception('HTTP Status for ' + URLstring + ' is ' + respCode.toString() + ', ' + responseMessage);

var inputStream = conn.getInputStream();
var streamReader = new java.io.InputStreamReader(inputStream);
var respStream = new java.io.BufferedReader(streamReader);
var buffer = '';
var line = null;
while ((line = respStream.readLine()) != null) {
buffer = buffer + line;
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