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Old 09-11-2013, 12:14 AM
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Default Convert string to HL7


I have a database with one column which contains a complete HL7 message as a string. I set up a database reader to retrieve this message and I need to sent this through HL7 LLP. So I need to convert this string (XML) to HL72.x. Can anyone push me in the right direction how to handle this?

<tber_bericht>MSH|^~\&amp;|TELEFORM|TELE|COV||2013 0823135054||QRY^A19|0265210011|P|2.4|QRD|201308231 35054|R|I|1|||1^RD|111111VDO001^123456789^^1911010 1^1234AB^136|APN|""|||</tber_bericht>


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