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Default How is "Send a Message" being used?


I built a channel that reads an xml from a local directory and then converts it to HL7 and send to a server. This works well if I build and place an xml file and put it in my local directory.

However, I just found that there is an option of "send a message" when you right click on the channel. Then you see the window to allow you place an actual message in it. I copied and paste an xml message into this window, then click on "Process Message". I kind of expect this xml message will be sent through the source and to the destination. However, it instead gave me the following error:

[2012-10-24 11:46:05,858] ERROR (com.mirth.connect.server.util.VMRouter:88): Unable to route: /opt/mirthconnect/appdata/queuestore/078c8cfd-a95b-45d1-b2dc-afb404ef46aa/1008__ec048906-1df1-11e2-ac62-ff89fc1afad5.msg (No such file or directory)

Does anyone know why I am getting such an error? How should this "send a message" option be used correctly? Do I need to set up source or destination in a particular way in order to allow me using this "send a message" feature?



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