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Old 11-11-2016, 12:05 AM
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Default DICOM listener in promiscuous mode?


I'm trying to set up a channel that will receive DICOM data from multiple sources. For that I would like to run the listener in promiscuous mode, meaning that it will accept DICOM transfers with any called AETitle specified or even if the called AETitle is not specified at all.

In Connector Setup, under DICOM Listener Settings, the tooltip on Application Entity setting says: "If specified, only requests with a matching called AE title will be accepted." This led me to believe that if I don't specify anything under the Application Entity setting, the DICOM listener will accept all incoming requests. While testing I cannot establish a DICOM association. Below is the result of trying to do a DICOM Echo using DCMTK.

I'm new to Mirth, so could someone please point me in the right direction? Or is this a bug?

Thanks, Alex.

echoscu.exe -ll debug localhost 104

D: $dcmtk: echoscu v3.6.0 2011-01-06 $
D: Request Parameters:
D: ====================== BEGIN A-ASSOCIATE-RQ =====================
D: Our Implementation Class UID:
D: Our Implementation Version Name: OFFIS_DCMTK_360
D: Their Implementation Class UID:
D: Their Implementation Version Name:
D: Application Context Name: 1.2.840.10008.
D: Calling Application Name: ECHOSCU
D: Called Application Name: ANY-SCP
D: Responding Application Name: resp. AP Title
D: Our Max PDU Receive Size: 16384
D: Their Max PDU Receive Size: 0
D: Presentation Contexts:
D: Context ID: 1 (Proposed)
D: Abstract Syntax: =VerificationSOPClass
D: Proposed SCP/SCU Role: Default
D: Proposed Transfer Syntax(es):
D: =LittleEndianImplicit
D: Requested Extended Negotiation: none
D: Accepted Extended Negotiation: none
D: Requested User Identity Negotiation: none
D: User Identity Negotiation Response: none
D: ======================= END A-ASSOCIATE-RQ ======================
I: Requesting Association
D: Constructing Associate RQ PDU
F: Association Rejected:
F: Result: Rejected Permanent, Source: Service User
F: Reason: Called AE Title Not Recognized
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