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Default Message validation

Hi All,

I am a bit stuck on how the message validation and filtering work. Reading previous posts did not solve my problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

My requirements and set up are like this:
- I have an LLP Listener accepting incoming HL7 messages. When messages are not valid, I will need to send a Error ACK back to the sender. In addition, I will need to write the error messages to a directory. With the LLP Listener, I cannot configure it to write error messages to a directory.
- I can write some Filtering rule in the Destination Filter, however this only marked the messages as Filtered; the sender does not get any Error ACK, and the sender sees a normal ACK as if the message was sent successfully.

Is there any way that I can fulfill the requirements: "on invalid messages, send Error ACK and write the invalid messages to a directory"?

Thank you very much for your help and guidance.

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