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Old 11-08-2019, 03:16 AM
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I'm getting an error when attempting to look at the 3.8.1 release notes at https://www.mirthcorp.com/community/...+Release+Notes

If I'm not logged in, I get Permission Denied; but on logging in, I get this error:

com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroExecutionExcep tion: The JIRA server returned a trusted apps error: BAD_SIGNATURE; Bad signature for URL: {0}; ["http://www.mirthcorp.com/community/issues/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-xml/temp/SearchRequest.xml?tempMax=1000&returnMax=true&jqlQ uery=project+%253D+MIRTH+AND+fixVersion+%253D+%252 23.8.1%2522+AND+status+%253D+Closed+ORDER+BY+issue type+DESC%252C+priority+DESC++++++++++++++++++++++ +++&field=summary&field=type&field=created&field=u pdated&field=due&field=assignee&field=reporter&fie ld=priority&field=status&field=resolution&field=li nk"]

Can this be resolved please?

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