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Old 06-26-2019, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by narupley View Post
Does the same happen if you manually download the JNLP file, save it somewhere, and then open that file with the launcher? Also what URL are you currently using in the launcher?
The URL used in the launcher is
(where http.port is the http.port configured in mirth.properties, and <server-ip> is the IP address that Connect is installed at)

We get the same experience if we go to the Mirth Connect Administrator web page and click the "Launch Mirth Connect Administrator" button (it just spins trying to download anything).

For us, the only way we've been able to clear the issue is fully restarting mcservice on the server, and then we'll usually be okay for a couple of days again. There are never any errors or warnings logged (even with logging turned up to TRACE levels. Ironically, after we cranked up the log4j.appender.fout.MaxFileSize setting to 10M and switched the log levels to TRACE on our test server, we saw the issue happening less-frequently; may be anecdotal, but it was funny.
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