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Old 06-24-2019, 03:52 AM
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Default Probable misnamed FHIR element in FHIR Object Builder

Ive been developing a channel to convert HL7v2 RDE messages to FHIR MedicationRequest resources. (Mirth 3.7.1 and FHIR Preview Extensions 3.7.1.b258).

Seems to work well for the most part and nicely intuitive to use but I've noticed what looks like an error in the FHIR Object Builders naming of an element.

In FHIR STU3, MedicationRequest.dosageInstruction is a Dosage element which has a placeholder element - 'dose[x]'. This can be of type Range or SimpleQuantity.

Where the SimpleQuantity option is required the dose[x] placeholder should substitute 'doseQuantity' as the name of the element. However, the Mirth FHIR Object Builder is naming this element 'doseSimpleQuantity' and is thus not conforming with the FHIR standard. See the dosageInstruction below (a fragment of the larger MedicationRequest) for how it appears in JSON -

"dosageInstruction": [
"timing": {
"event": "2017-12-13T15:02:00+00:00"
"route": "oral",
"doseSimpleQuantity": {
"value": 1,
"unit": "g"

Example MedicationRequest resources on the STU3 web site (eg the Medicationrequest0308.json) appear to support my view that the Object Builder is incorrectly naming this element.

I checked the new Mirth 3.8 implementations and they appear to be the same.

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