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Default Re: DB Modifications

Mirth is only able to poll the database. If there is no way to indicate that a record has been processed by Mirth on the db, then you will end up pulling down ALL records, ALL the time. You of course could filter this, but it is not an ideal architecture.

Is there a time-stamp on the database? You might be able to have Mirth poll at a large interval and only pull data that has been added or updated based on the timestamp.

For the outbound channel you define an HL7 sample message as the template. In the transformer you drag segments from the message into a HL7 Message Builder then define what you want updated. For example if you're reading from a database, you would drag the segment from the sample hl7 message tree to the "Segment" field and then drag your database variable from the variable list to the mapping.

We are working on documentation and tutorials to assist in this process and are aiming to have them ready for the 1.2 release (approx 3 weeks).

Chris Lang
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