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AndyB_HeGRC 01-07-2016 01:14 PM

My database reader channel is only working sporadically
We are using Mirth and I have a database reader channel which is only working sporadically.

The channel performs
a database reader SQL query against 3 SQL tables A,B,C which have NOT been processed and may return multiple rows
a source transformer that takes the SQL results and formats a SQL Insert into table D
a database writer which opens the database connection, takes the SQL Insert statement from the source transformer, and performs the SQL insert
A post-process SQL statement which updates the rows retrieved as processed

The problem is
only half or so of the inserts into table D are made
no errors appear in the Mirth dashboard
The messages associated to the missing inserts do NOT appear in the dashboard, yet the messages are flagged as processed
This channel is the only process that will update rows in A,B,C as processed

There is no trail to follow in Mirth for the missing messages, so Im not sure what to try next other than inserting multiple loggers to narrow down the problem.

Any and all suggestions are solicited.


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